16 Feb: Making water part of our life!

Shishir is a jar-based clean & safe drinking water solution, which is produced easily in a sustainable way using surface water. Shishir exists to improve the lives of the people living in arsenic-contaminated areas by delivering clean drinking water to…


24 Jan: When in Bangladesh, Live With Locals

Avijatrik is a community tourism platform where you can find the perfect hosts to make your holiday amazing. Our services are specially designed based on the services of our network of trained, experienced and warmhearted hosts, across the country in…


23 Jan: What are we leaving behind?

By 2025 Dhaka alone will produce 47,064 tonnes of garbage each day! There are more than 5 dumping areas in Dhaka. We will be needing more 600 acres of land to dump our garbage. These landfills are contaminating soil, air…