Asia Pacific Social Business For Youth Strategy

In Partnership with Grameen Australia and De Le-Salle College of Saint Benilde, Philippines we are establishing a mechanism to set up Social Business for Youth Strategy as a platform for engaging students, executives, entrepreneurs, government, and community-based organizations towards the common goal of empowering youth through enterprise-led development approach in the Asia Pacific region.

The SBYA-GA-CSB Social Business for Youth Strategy aims to implement a diverse set of activities to empower youth through social business, including but not limited to hosting Social Business Youth Summit 2019 (SBYS) in Manila, awareness workshops, introducing research initiatives and establishing a social business incubator in the Philippines.

As part of the strategy, Social Business Youth Summit 2019 was held from March 22-23 in Manilla, Philippines with the engagement of youth for a deeper understanding of social business in the presence of social business experts and leaders around the world. With the presence of more than 500 attendees, 50 start-ups and 35 speakers, this vibrant event was organized by Social Business Youth Alliance (SBYA), co-hosted by Grameen Australia and De La Salle College of Saint Benilde. SBYA has been organizing this summit in the national platform since 2014, but this year the summit is extended in the international spectrum for the second time after SBYS 2018 Bangkok. In this summit, the youth were invited to create effective economical advances by diminishing poverty and thus, creating sustainable change.

The keynote speaker of the summit Prof. Muhammad Yunus shared the importance of social business and entrepreneurship and how it can add value in the dynamic of the poverty reduction. The speech was initiated after the launching of his book on the importance of social business,‘The World Of Three Zero’. Focusing on the importance of social business, he said,”If a human being can be selfish and selfless, then obviously you must have two kinds of business. Selfless business is about solving other people’s problems. This is the kind of business we call social business”. In addition to that, professor Yunus signed an MOU with Foundation University, Negros, Phillipines to establish first Yunus Social Business Center in Phillipines.

With the presence of business experts and leaders, panel discussions on supporting innovation of youth and building up their skills, innovation in education and many other impactful topics were held in this two days conclave. In the session, ‘Social stigma imposed on women and girls’,the panelists focused on tackling challenges as working women and securing the dream to excel. The session on ‘Creating an ecosystem for innovation and social change’ was featured on knowledge sharing, network building and driving the youth for social business and creating sustainable impact in the society. ‘You can combine the head of business thinking with the heart of social change” Peter Hunt, chairman of Grameen Australia inspired young entrepreneurs to solve social problems through innovative ideas.

In his engaging session on ‘Innovation In Education’ Brother Dennis from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde discussed on social innovation in education sector. The session was applauded by the audience. In the last panel session, 5 young entrepreneurs from different fields shared the difficulties they face every day. They also discussed the suggestions for new entrepreneurs to create an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

In his closing speech, Shazeeb M Khairul Islam thanked De La Salle College of Saint Benilde and Grameen Australia for hosting the summit. He also bestowed a token of thanks to Yunus Centre for all the inspiration, support and guidance and also thanked the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade FTA and Negros Women for Tomorrow’s Foundation for sponsorship. He conveyed gratitude to One Young World, Thompson Reuter’s, Global Shapers, Future City Summit, Jamroll Limited, makesense and Facebook for helping to build a wonderful community of young people passionate about social change in the Asia Pacific region.

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