Finding right networks, Achieving entrepreneurial dreams

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to attend the SBYA Summit in Thailand last year. This summit not only helped me network with other social business enthusiasts from across the region but also provided me with much-needed insight on how entrepreneurs are building the foundation of their businesses around blockchain technology, circular economy, zero waste lifestyles, emotional intelligence, indigenous knowledge etc. It was interesting to see that more and more people are becoming conscious of the requirement to resolve pressing global issues as a by-product of their business ventures and the amazing feats that they had achieved in fields like women empowerment, development of improved agricultural service delivery systems, solid waste management, involvement of women in FinTech etc was awe-inspiring, to say the least. So, I would highly recommend young people to participate in this event in the upcoming years as it may just act as a breakthrough in helping you find the right networks in achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

Pratibha Raut
Delegate SBYS 2018

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