Everyday is a new experience at SBYA Global

Before starting my internship at SBYA Global, I thought being an intern meant running errands, filling in paperwork, and supporting full-time employees as they work with clients. I thought that the value of an internship was getting your foot in the door of an industry you are interested in. I didn’t realize that I would be getting a plethora of meaningful experiences within a very short period of time. My internship at SBYA Global for the past three months has completely changed my perception about internship programs.

I have been working at SBYA Global as a communications intern for the past three months alongside other uniquely skilled individuals who specialize in project management, interactive design, and web development. Most of us heard about the position through current employees and we already knew about the internship program’s success stories. I applied for the position after speaking to a friend who had a great time working with the company and fell in love with the exciting, active culture the company promotes.

Every day is a new experience at SBYA Global. I have been able to form meaningful relationships with coworkers in an environment that encourages communication and teamwork. As someone with limited professional experience, I was always encouraged by my co-workers to take initiatives by myself. However, the office is so close-knit and supportive that there is always someone by your side to mentor and cheer you on. Even the internship pod is a fun, collaborative space. Despite our varying roles, our work often overlaps. More often than not, someone will be sharing new tips, tools, and knowledge with the others, whether it is showing them a shortcut on Excel, or critiquing a design.

The most amazing part about this internship was getting to know about social business thoroughly. Previously, I had very little knowledge about the impact of social business and how it works. The events organized by SBYA Global such as Social Business Youth Summit, Social Business Champ, Social Impact Bootcamp and so on brings together a great crowd of talented youth to one platform trying to bring a change for sustainable betterment.

I had an amazing experience working at SBYA Global with such a passionate team; they always seem to work with all their heart. This place has taught me how to develop oneself gradually and at the same time use my free time productively. I will cherish these once in a lifetime memories forever.


Raidah Ibrahim
Former Communications Intern
SBYA Global Foundation

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