Creative Accelerator for Social Business

Our collaboration with the EMK Center continued as we are running our core incubation program in Dhaka to support social business solutions that address Sustainable Business Development and improve the lives of the people living in Dhaka. Our 6 month long incubation program helped 10 entrepreneurs launch their own social businesses with training, mentorship,

office space and access to resources. The core of our model is to let the entrepreneurs generate sustainable solutions to the problems that they or their community face, inspired by the ‟The Lean Startup concept” and Professor Yunus’s “Social Business Principles” in Bangladesh. Among notable startups we have Travel Bangladesh, Nogorkrishi, Creative Connections, Younify, SelfProtect and From 2018 we have received access to hundreds of Mentors who are Senior Leaders and have working experience of at least 20+ years all over the world. Our incubatees can avail the mentoring for 15 working days based on their needs while PUM Netherlands sources the Mentors for their services redirected to our incubatees.

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