Making water part of our life!


Shishir is a jar-based clean & safe drinking water solution, which is produced easily in a sustainable way using surface water. Shishir exists to improve the lives of the people living in arsenic-contaminated areas by delivering clean drinking water to their doorsteps.

Shishir started as a joint venture social business project by YY Goshti and Grameen Telecom Trust with technical assistance from Watersprint AB. We aspire to deliver safe & clean drinking water to some of the most disadvantaged communities of Bangladesh at a highly affordable price.Shishir involves the use of the D4Field unit developed by Watersprint AB, a Swedish company, to avail clean potable water to the poor population of certain contamination affected areas of Bangladesh. This project is currently active in Mymenshingh and it utilizes the surface water from river Bramhaputra.

As an impact project, the first plant currently aims to ensure sustainable supply of safe water for consumption for more than 1600 lives and we have already created 6 jobs. Shishir addresses Global Goals no 06 and addresses gender equality because women are prone to even greater risks related to hygiene dependent on water. Success of the pilot project will lead to the deployment of 9 similar water treatment plants in next 18 months that can create 50+ Jobs and ensure improved better health and hygiene of 45000+ lives.