When in Bangladesh, Live With Locals


Avijatrik is a community tourism platform where you can find the perfect hosts to make your holiday amazing. Our services are specially designed based on the services of our network of trained, experienced and warmhearted hosts, across the country in the most elusive and diverse destinations.

At Avijatrik we strive for you to have a fully local experience, staying with a local family, eating the traditional delicacies.To that end, Avijatrik helps households make a room for tourists in their houses with other essential facilities. The households are chosen with utmost care so that both parties find themselves satisfied with the arrangement. The food preparation is always done in a traditional & hygienic environment and served in a way that allows tourists to have a traditional food experience with a healthy diet. Avijatrik also trains local youth to become efficient tour guides. The guides are chosen in terms of their sense of responsibility, honesty, behavior and knowledge and then trained to do the job.

Find your host, Be an Avijatrik at www.avijatrik.org