What are we leaving behind?


By 2025 Dhaka alone will produce 47,064 tonnes of garbage each day!

There are more than 5 dumping areas in Dhaka. We will be needing more 600 acres of land to dump our garbage. These landfills are contaminating soil, air and ground water of surrounding areas and making life miserable for the residents with odor and health hazards.

Can we afford to continue this way?

Can we not do anything to change it?

Will we leave behind nothing but a pile of garbage for our future generations​?

Regen is introducing modern and scientific approach towards efficient waste management system focusing on recycling of waste to create organic fertilizers. As the Dhaka city dweller we face countless problems like waste management. And there are some other srious issuses like water clogging, surface water and river water pollution, air and soil contaminating, that waste directly contributes. Dhaka is one of the fastest growing economy and densely populated city. The waste genaration is increasing everyday. To fight this, Regen is utilizing whatever we call waste/garbage and producing organic fertilizers which is a key factor toward our agriculture and environment hence what we eat and where we live.