A Movement For Social Business Powered By Young People.

Live It YY!

SBYA Global exists to create social business leaders. The core of our model is to harness the power of young people, entrepreneurship and technology to bring social change. The living breathing monolith that is the youth population of this world is our inspiration and the soul of our social business ecosystem. Our purpose is to interpret and brainstorm and disburse the concept of Social Business among the youth and the young at heart alike. Whether they are students, activist’s employees, or just dreamers, our hope is to inspire Social Business Practices from within them. We know that poverty will take its place in its museum soon enough. Our goal is to make the Youth Inspired Floors to be more incredible than the rest.

Ventures Incubated
Lives Impacted

To redefine the concept of solving social problems.

Creating social business leaders through training, mentorship and access to resources.

If we can educate our current generation of youth on Social Business;

If we can inspire them to solve social problems through sustainable business models; and

If we can ensure access to all essential resources to the entrepreneurial youth;

We can redefine the concept of solving social problems and build social businesses.

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We live to initiate change. And the best way to do that is to do it together. We’re always open to ideas from all corners of the world, be it a new project or a competition, maybe a training session or even an SBYA for your area or school or university.

Just drop us an email at [email protected]  and we’ll get right on it. Let’s work on something so crazy people won’t stop talking about it.

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