Social Business Youth Summit

Social Business Youth Summit is a leading youth forum where youth across borders interacts with the most intrigued and knowledgeable personals of Social Business. The Youth Summit is equipped with the resources in terms of both theoretical knowledge and phases of social business in reality.

The main aim SBYA Global is heading for is to help youngsters to connect with the real life hustlers who are in social business scene. A participant here comes to know about the dynamics and impacts of social business as well as the necessity of social business in current world.

Youth is the most passionate, motivated and ambitious of all, so if the youth generation engages themselves in social businesses then the state of being free from poverty will not be so far. This summit is all about letting the youth know that social business is the way to these bring changes. When our inspiring youth will response to the cry for help of social problems through social business ventures they will not only help those suffering people but also occupy themselves in making their livings. The summit is fully oriented on how the youth can emerge with social business ventures in real life and will be able to bring changes both in world and in their own lives.

Students, Entrepreneurs, Academicians, Working professionals, Activists, CSR practitioners,
NGO representatives and any other individuals interested in making a difference for the causes they care most are welcome to join us in this endeavor.

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We live to initiate change. And the best way to do that is to do it together. We’re always open to ideas from all corners of the world, be it a new project or a competition, maybe a training session or even an SBYA for your area or school or university.

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