Social Business Champ

Social Business Champ is a global competition for idea stage social businesses that challenges University level students to design business solutions addressing pressing social issues.

Launched in 2014, Social Business Champ, today, has become one of the leading social business competition and it engages university students and social business leaders from around the world. The Competition encourages participants to generate timely solutions for acute social problems and launch their own social business ventures.

While funding for materializing the social business, the idea is a gain, Social Business Champ is something more than that. It creates an experiential learning opportunity – connecting and competing against top innovators, training and mentoring from the social business gurus, exposure to an extensive network of professionals and businesses, and the chance to get awarded by the father of social business – Professor Muhammad Yunus.

 What’s in it for Winners?

  • Award from Nobel peace prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus.
  • The opportunity to work with YY Goshti on launching social businesses by accessing resources and networks.
  • Access to social business accelerators and funds for resources to form valuable partnerships.
  • Startup capital from SBYA Global Foundation


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