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Social Business 101 is an experiential learning program from where participants gain a basic understanding of social business, its guiding principles and business model designing. This program brings Social Business practitioners, academicians, development partners, young professionals and students under one roof and helps them designing social business solutions. 

As new forms of enterprises scramble to keep pace with their customers, social business is a force that cannot be ignored. Social Business 101 is a part of SBYA Global’s Social Business Learning Program, and they get tailored according to each educational institution’s necessities. Through this learning program SBYA Global uses the methodology which is firmly based on the practical application of concepts and what it means to be a social entrepreneur. The facilitators use educational tools and techniques to inspire students to get involved in social business. Social Business 101 inspires and educates youth and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to find solutions to challenging social and environmental issues. The program is carried out all around the year with the aim to help you understand the potential of social business, referring to the examples that Professor Muhammad Yunus, economist and Nobel Prize winner for Peace in 2006, promoted in various parts of the world for the growth of social businesses. Participants in Social Business 101 gain a basic understanding of social business, its operations and growth and have the opportunity to brainstorm, expand and evaluate social business ideas and opportunities, become aware of the challenges in starting a social business and ideate a social business model that can be further developed and materialized as a venture.

At SBYA Global, we openly share our experiences with the youth because social business is the way forward to tackle the biggest global challenges in a sustainable way and today’s youth has to take lead to do that.

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